24th November 2020

5 Things to know about Kid Scooters

You might need to spend a little more for higher quality

There’s a common fallacy around it being okay to spend a little less for toys made for younger children, citing reasons around their lifespan in relation to how quickly kids at a certain age grow. Sure, with many other types of toys you’d have children losing interest in them after the novelty wears of, only for their subsequent collection of dust to have a greater impact depending on how expensive those toys are.

Things are totally different with scooters though. The cost of scooters is generally directly proportional to the quality you’ll get, with the durability you should aim for going beyond just how long the scooter will last. It’s also about how long your child will be able to use it as they would otherwise outgrow it, so if for instance you spend a little bit more on one which is height-adjustable, should they get bored of it, that would only be a temporary break they take from using it. They’ll come back and re-discover how much fun it is later on.

There are different types of electric scooters

It’s not really necessary to target electric scooters specifically, but if you are going to go the electric scooter route, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of electric scooters. You’d have to consider the range of each charge, among other things, but a major consideration is one regarding the scooter’s versatility. For example, if the battery dies, can it perhaps be detached, making the scooter lighter so that it can effectively be used as a kick-scooter?

Safety considerations

It perhaps goes without saying, but is something that must be mentioned nevertheless. There has to be a no-exceptions rule about wearing a helmet if your child wants to enjoy the use of what will likely rank among their new favourite toys! Other scooter safety considerations take into account the right size, design and fit of the scooter, so it goes beyond just strapping them up and keeping an eye on the environment they’d be riding around in.

There are many great advantages of kids’ scooters

It’s definitely a great idea for a gift or just another toy to buy your children scooters. In addition to making for some great fun, they come with many advantages such as helping to build confidence, developing motor-skills and balance, and just helping them develop and refine their environmental awareness.

There’s more to consider than just appearance for choosing a scooter

I’ve already touched on extensibility as a quality-consideration associated with the cost of the many scooter options available. You’d do well to consult a comprehensive best scooter for kids buyer guide to learn about some of the other important factors to consider, beyond just how the scooter looks and whether or not your child likes the colour, design, etc. At the end of the day it’s going to be a significant investment, but whether or not it’s a good investment will rely solely on making the right buying decision.

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