13th November 2018

5 Home Safety Must-Haves With a Baby

Having a new baby is an incredibly exciting new addition to your family. A baby brings a fresh perspective to your home and your life in ways that you may have never imagined before. One of the most exciting yet daunting parts of being a new parent, however, is the responsibility of ensuring that your little one stays safe. Since babies are fragile and often susceptible to getting into danger more than adults, it’s important to look out for them until they’re old enough to look after themselves.

If you have a new baby and want to ensure that you keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible, make sure that you equip your home with these safety must-haves.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A smoke detector senses fire in a home by setting off an alarm at the sign of smoke. They’re one of the most vital pieces of equipment, whether or not there are toddlers around. You could check out this blog post to learn more about when you might need a replacement and whom to consult at that time.

While it can be an essential tool for keeping your family out of danger, it doesn’t guard against other risks like a gas leak. Sometimes when you don’t realize an appliance needs to be replaced, it can start to leak without you even knowing.

Baby Gates

As your baby becomes mobile, you’ll find that he or she will want to explore all over the house. It’s important for their own safety that you ensure dangerous areas are blocked off.

By setting up baby gates near places they could fall or get into dangerous materials, you’ll be keeping them out of harm’s way and ensure that you have the peace of mind knowing they’ll be ok.

Cupboard Locks

Although you may not think they’re capable now, your children will one day be opening all of the cupboards and drawers that they can get their hands on.

Installing cupboard locks will keep them from getting into potentially harmful products or sharp objects. Although you should always survey babies activity, it’s nice to know that you can look away for a second without them getting into something potentially fatal.

Door Stops

One of a baby’s favorite things to do is open and close doors. It’s vital that you ensure they keep their little fingers out of harm’s way by putting door stops on doors to stop them from slamming them shut.

All it takes is one second for them to get their hand caught in a crack. However, door stops all over the house will avoid nasty accidents.

Baby Monitor

If you live in a house which is particularly spread out, a monitor will make sure that you can hear your baby from across the house.

Rather than going into their room to check on them every few minutes, it’s nice to have the flexibility of being able to hear them on a monitor so you can still get things done.

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