23rd November 2018

4 Tips For Helping a Child Grieve With The Loss Of a Parent

Most kids know about death, regardless of whether they don’t comprehend it entirely. Dying is a common topic in movies and TV, and they may have lost pets or grandparents.  Be that as it may, experiencing a death firsthand is an entirely different story for children. Whether it was a result of a tragic accident, or illness, the pain is still the same.

As a parent, you can’t stop your child from feeling the pain of it; however, you can help them to feel reassured. What’s more, by permitting and urging your little one to express their emotions, you can give them the emotional tools and adapting abilities that will benefit them for years to come.  Here are some of the best tips for helping a child grieve from the loss of a parent.

Encourage Them To Express Their Feelings

It’s incredibly crucial for children to express whatever feelings they are going through. Try to use whatever mediums that you can to encourage them letting out their emotions.

There are numerous great books about death, and reading through these books together can be an extraordinary method to begin a discussion which evokes feelings.  Since not every kid is ready to express their feelings through words, using other outlets can be just as effective.  Whether it’s creating illustrations, assembling a scrapbook, or even just looking at photos together and recalling memories.

Discuss The Afterlife

Talking about an afterlife can be extremely helpful for a child that who is going through grief.  If you happen to have religious beliefs, it’s an excellent opportunity to put things o the table.

In any case, regardless of whether you believe in religion or not, talking about what you think happens in the afterlife can be of comfort.  Allow your children to use their imaginations and encourage a positive interpretation of where people go after they pass.

Keep Up With Your Normal Routine

Kids thrive from routine and schedules. It’s important to do whatever you can do to maintain a sense of normalcy.   Perhaps you may be grieving too. So if you find yourself needing time to grieve and process, find relatives or close friends who can help keep life as ordinary as can be for your child.  Although grieving is necessary after the passing of a parent, it’s also important to teach them that life must go on.

Attend The Funeral

Funerals can be a great way for everyone to experience closure.  However, it should be their choice. If a child is completely against attending, never force them.   However, you can gently encourage them that it’s a positive way to remember who they lost.

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