28th June 2019

4 Tips For Caring For Someone With Dementia

If you’re currently caring for someone who has dementia, you’re probably experiencing a considerable amount of hurdles.  In order to best deal with the challenges that you’re facing, you should familiarize yourself with some of the best ways to care for people in their condition.   

In order to keep your loved one as healthy and is happy as possible, it’s critical that you have as much of an understanding as possible of dementia and how to handle it.

Therefore, if you’re currently caring for someone Alzheimers or another form of dementia, here are some of the best tips for dealing with day-to-day issues that may arise.

Use Simple Language 

It’s best to keep conversation exchange as simple as possible.  Don’t make the mistake of using overly complicated language or addressing them with open-ended questions.  For example, rather than asking them what they would like to wear that day, ask them something they can answer with a simple yes or no.   Giving them too much to think about can overwhelm them and send them into a state of agitation.

Keep interactions simple and straightforward in order to avoid frustration on their part as well as yours.

Practice Patience 

If you have a loved one with dementia, you’ve probably struggled a lot with staying patient.  It can be a constant struggle to accept all the ways that they’re changing. 

The truth is that they’re probably just as frustrated as you are.  They’re not only losing their memories, but they’re also struggling to retain their speaking skills.   This is why, as a caregiver, it’s so critical for you to help ease the pressure that they’re under.

It’s ok to feel frustrated sometimes; however, it’s important to take a deep breath and remember they’re the one that needs you.   Don’t rush them into anything, and take a deep breath when they start to get agitated. Practicing patience will not only help keep them but you as well.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It can be incredibly beneficial to lighten up and laugh once in a while. Recent studies have shown that laughing is actually helpful for patients struggling with memory loss.  Laughing together isn’t just therapeutic for them but also for you as their caregiver. 

So the next time that you start to feel the pressure mounting, try cracking a joke and see what happens.

Encourage Activity 

Staying active doesn’t just keep your body busy, but also your mind.  By keeping your loved one’s mind active, you can slow down the aging process.  A daily exercise program will help stimulate their brains and encourage circulation throughout the body.

They’ll have an increased sense of clarity and a greater quality of life.

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