2nd December 2019

4 Benefits of Installing Playground Equipment at a Primary School

There is a huge range of great equipment that you can install into your school playground, but is it worth it?

There are lots of benefits to having play equipment installed at a primary school, but we have chosen some key benefits below:

1. Physical benefits

Installing good quality playground equipment in your school can encourage children to get outside, have some fun, and do some physical exercise whilst playing with their friends.

With enough equipment, students won’t just sit around in the playground and instead will be using equipment for climbing, running, skipping, balancing, and stretching which will ultimately help them to stay fit during the day.

2. Develops social skills among pupils in a school

Play equipment can encourage children to socialise, without you even realising it. Outdoor games and see-saws, for example require more than one person and so encourage students to socialise and also to cooperate with each other to have fun.

This helps to develop speaking and listening skills, as well as teamwork skills which can lead to students learning more and growing in their confidence.

3. Improves learning and creativity

A playground with the right equipment offers children opportunities to try new things and explore activities they might not usually do. Playgrounds with no equipment leave little ways for children to get creative, whereas a well-designed play area can offer lots of new, sensory experiences such as water play, role play, and just a whole lot of fun.

While the learning that takes place in the classroom is great, it is important that children develop and learn in different environments as this will help their brains to develop in a different way to learning in a classroom.

4. Benefits the mental health of children

With an increasing number of children starting to feel the impact of stress and other mental health issues, it is vital to have a focus on the mental as well as physical health of children at school as well as encouraging parents to support this at home.  

Having play equipment will help students as physical activities have been proven to facilitate the release of endorphins and these endorphins are a great remedy for stress, depression or anxiety. Play equipment, as mentioned above, can also help children to form friendships which can improve relationships and mental health.

When looking for playground equipment, you should consider the area which you have available for the play equipment and get in touch with an expert to discuss the different options and how they might benefit the students in your school.

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