16th October 2019

3 Ways Language Translation Apps Can Help You Learn Spanish

If you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, and aren’t fluent
in the language, you could benefit from using a translation app before and
during your trip. These English to Spanish translation apps make it possible
for you to connect with locals and get more out of your getaway. Here are just
a few ways that you can benefit from installing some of the best language
translation apps on your iOS or Android device.

Best 10 Language Translation Apps

1. Quick Access to Common Phrases Make it Easier to Converse with Others

While you are in an unfamiliar location, you need to have access to local
amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and public transportation. But if you
are in an area where no one understands English, asking the simplest questions
can often be a very complex task.

By installing a Spanish to English translation app or equivalent on your
phone, you can ask locals directions to the nearest hotel, or where the bus
stop is located quickly and easily. Simply type in your question on your app
and you will get an accurate translation in Spanish or any other language you
may need. Access to this type of technology has allowed many tourists to enjoy
their trips and provided them with the means to travel to more foreign

2. Translator Apps Can Help with Local Images and Signs

Every country has warning and caution signs that are used in the city to
warn drivers to slow down or stop at intersections, or if there is an area they
shouldn’t enter. If you are in an area where you notice a sign or symbol that
seems important but have no idea what it means, you can use an app such as a
Latin Translator for help.

Making your way through a big city without being able to read signs or
warnings is enough to make any tourist feel uncomfortable. But there are now
apps available that can help you translate these signs using a screenshot taken
by your phone. Apps can also offer live translation support and tips about the
local culture. This allows travelers to feel more comfortable while in a
foreign land.

3. Use an App to Translate Videos and Learn the Language by Watching Spanish Content

A popular way to learn a new language is to watch videos such as TV shows or
movies where people are speaking that language. If you are familiar with a
movie you have seen multiple times in English, you can pick up on Spanish
phrases by watching it in a different language. Using subtitles can make it
easy to pick up on how to pronounce common Spanish words and phrases. But not
every video out there comes with English or Spanish subtitles.

Fortunately, there are apps available that will translate a movie or video
from Spanish to English for you. There are also a number of great subtitle apps
out there for iOS or Android devices that offer good translation from Spanish
to English. Many of the top apps for language translation also offer a
transition from many other languages such as Italian or French to English as

Most tourists who traveled to Mexico and South America in the past had to
rely on translation books to help them find the correct phrases for speaking
with locals. Today, we have access to faster and more reliable translations
using popular apps that we can access anytime on our smartphone devices. This
technology has helped many people travel to far off lands that they may not
have visited in the past due to language barriers. Try out one of these useful
apps today to find out just how easy it is to learn common Spanish words and


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