26th February 2019

3 Types Of Toys To Buy For Your Toddler

If you have a toddler, you’re likely always on the lookout for things that will keep him or her entertained without having you feel like a lousy parent. While most kids love to sit and watch TV or videos, spending hours each day in this kind of activity isn’t good for your little one’s developing brain. What is good for the brain, however, is play. And while some children will happily use their imagination and play with all type of objects, sometimes having a more structured toy can make play easier and more enjoyable. So to help you encourage your child to play on their own and expand their mind while doing it, here are three types of toys you should consider buying for your toddler.

Electronic Learners

Just because we’ve all heard about the downfalls of kids using technology too much or too often doesn’t mean that technological toys have no place with your children. In fact, if you find the right toys, your toddler might find it easier to learn songs and concepts, like their ABCs. According to Saryn Chorney, a contributor to Parenting.com, electronic learning toys and games can teach your kids all types of lessons and words while playing songs and games to make learning fun. They can also help with fine motor skills as your toddler learns which buttons to press to get certain results.

Build For Spatial Awareness

Another group of toys that can be very beneficial to give to your toddler are toys and objects that help to build spatial awareness. According to Melissa Quintero, a contributor to The Spruce, these types of toys include building blocks and other stackable toys. Not only are these types of toys usually very durable, but they also encourage your toddler to use his or her imagination to create something out of just a few shapes and pieces. And since most of these types of blocks come in varying shapes and colors, your child might also easily learn these principles as well.

Encourage Physical Movement

The best toys for your toddler aren’t just the things that they can hold in their hands or take into the car with them. In our modern society, many children aren’t getting the physical activity that their little bodies and minds need. For this reason, Angela Thayer, a contributor to TeachingMama.org, recommends getting toys that will encourage physical movement on the part of your toddler. This can include toys like plastic slides, small cars or bikes to ride, mini trampolines, or tunnels to crawl through.

If you want to get the best toys for the mental and physical development of your toddler, consider investing in some of the options mentioned above.

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