21st January 2019

2 Valuable Tools for Every Anxious Mother

It has been said that a mother’s heart is outside of her body when she has a child. This may be hyperbole, but the truth is not far off. Most mothers are exceptionally focused on the health of their baby and this means a lot of stress and anxiety when things are not going right.

Many mothers, who are already anxious, find that motherhood brings a whole different layer of anxiety. Yes, there is love and joy that comes with having a child, but there is also plenty of fear and anxiety.

There are a few ways that I have been able to overcome many of the issues that I struggled with when I was first a mother. In the list below, I will focus on a couple of the most important ones for you.

#1. Incense – There is plenty of science to suggest that aromatherapy can be valuable for the purposes of reducing stress and providing relaxation. Many people choose to use incense for their homes, which include a wide variety of types.

There are incense that are specifically made to provide relaxation and then others that are meant to help improve motivation and energy. One of the best tools is the nag champa incense, which originated in India and has grown in popularity in the UK and western world ever since.

For people who are really anxious and need help, we suggest either the nag champa variation (which is a mix of several essential plants) in addition to things like pine essential oil, which has scientific research to prove efficacy for reducing stress.

#2. Cannabidiol – If you have not heard of CBD oil then you are missing out. Many of the mothers (especially in the United States) find themselves at a crossroads. Of course, marijuana has been illegal and comes with added paranoia and anxiety, but by the same token CBD oil can do the opposite.

It is hard for many mothers to get over the fact that the THC (what makes you high) and CBD (what can help with anxiety) actually are from the same plant, but the truth is that CBD is not only great for reducing anxiety, but also perfectly legal. In the UK especially it is a legal and easily found tool.

We suggest using something like a sublingual CBD tincture because the bioavailability of cannabidiol is better when it is in tincture form.

For any mother who is trying to improve their relationship to the child, it is best to focus first on the anxiety and self-care. Any mother that is overly worried about other things is not going to be able to be there for a child. This is one of the reasons we are so adamant that any woman struggling take steps to find a solution.

The incense and CBD oil may not be for everyone, but there are millions of people across the globe using these tools and sometimes they date back thousands of years. If you are with a newborn child, they are worth researching.

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